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It’s hard to imagine a more accurate stereotype than the image of an unhappy adult reclined on a chaise lounge while venting about an unhappy childhood.

Though the stereotype might be overly simplified, the reality is your childhood and adolescent years go on to color the rest of your life, shaping your personality, relationships, goals, and opinions. The importance of these years is what drew me to the field. From my very first placement as a graduate school intern, I was especially drawn towards the prospect of helping children and young adults navigate their way through a time that can feel like a rollercoaster.

More broadly, my successes in working with children, teens, and young adults helped me understand that our futures are never etched in stone. At any age, therapy can help break negative cycles and help us gain the tools to construct a clear and positive sense of ourselves.

In an ideal world, I would work with individuals before they become unhappy adults. 

So, to the parents of children and teens, and to independent young adults: I’m here to help. But to the unhappy adults: it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Calm Connections Therapy offers therapy for all ages, Adults, Children, Toddlers, Adolescents, Teenagers, Preteens and Tweens. Individuals, Family and Groups. Issues include; ADHD, Adoption, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues, Coping Skills, Depression, Emotional Disturbance, Emotional Regulation, and much more.
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